I've been gaming since the early 1980s, starting with the 'blue book' Collector's Edition D&D. These days I'm primarily a gamesmaster, when I actually get time to play at all.

Over the years I've played and gamesmastered many different systems: AD&D (1st edition), D&D (3rd and 3.5), Traveller (classic, mega, GURPS), Runequest, MERP, Rolemaster (classic and RMSS), GURPS, Chivalry & Sorcery (I get a 'special thanks to' mention in C&S: The Rebirth), Warhammer FRP, The Fantasy Trip and more. Favoured settings including historical settings, original worlds (either my own or friends' creations), Greyhawk, Glorantha, Middle Earth (of the ICE flavour) and the Third Imperium. I've a fair collection of rare games as well (Lands of Adventure and PsiWorld, anyone?)

But the settings and rules that I've had most use and pleasure out of over the years are the Hârn setting and HârnMaster rules (I appear as a wizard in the HM Gold rules). In its first incarnation, this website was devoted entirely to Hârn, and it still forms a core foundation.

More recently, I've become devoted to the Hero System. I'd flirted with Fantasy Hero back in the '80s, and had a copy of Danger International which I never got to use, but only really got into the system with the 5th Edition. I now use the 6th edition.

Over the years I've amassed a fair bit of experience as both a player and a GM. Tricks of the trade are included in the Craft of RPGs section. This also hosts Dan Cope's Uncle Figgy's guides under the terms of Dan's copyright and a couple of other useful resources, under the terms allowed by their authors.

And the Cartography section hosts various maps I've made for games over the years. I've been drawing maps far longer than I've been gaming (who hasn't spent childhood hours drawing treasure maps?), but making maps is a core part of tabletop gaming. Campaign Cartographer is my favoured mapping software.