If you knew your history then you would know where you're coming from. Then you would not have to ask me, "Who the hell do you think I am?"

Robert Nesta Marley, Buffalo Soldier

Essays and articles

The Medieval Farming Year (v1.1) - an updated version of my most popular article.

Medieval charters

My translations of various medieval charters. I'm far from the best Latin scholar; you have been warned.

Prince John's charter of c. AD1190 appointing Radulf FitzStephen and Mathilda de Caux chief foresters of Sherwood

Henry II's Assize of Arms of AD1181

Medieval agricultural treatises

These four treatises were translated from medieval originals by Elizabeth Lamond and published by the Royal Historical Society in 1890.

Walter of Henley's Husbandry - "This is the treatise on husbandry that a goodly man once made, whose name was Sir Walter of Henley; and this he made to teach those who have lands and tenements and may not know how to keep all the points of husbandry, as the tillage of the land and the keeping of cattle, from which great wealth may come to those who will hear this teaching and then do as is found written down."

The Anonymous Husbandry - "This writing teaches the way in which a man ought to direct bailiffs and provosts about rendering the account of a manor, and how a man ought to look after a manor."

Seneschaucie - A description of the roles and responsibilities officers of an estate, from the seneschal, bailiff and reeve, to the ploughman, swineherd and dairymaid.

The Rules of Saint Robert Grosseteste - "Here begin the rules that the good bishop of Lincoln, St Robert Grosseteste, made for the Countess of Lincoln to guard and govern her lands and hostel: whoever will keep these rules well will be able to live on his means, and keep himself and those belonging to him."